A website, a radio spot, an on-hold message, a keynote speech, a video script, a PowerPoint presentation, and a blog entry all have one thing in common: they start out as an abstract concept brought to life on a piece of paper.

On-Hold Messaging

At some point, 70 percent of business calls end up in a holding pattern. ADB Advertising writes and produces phone messages that inform, entertain, and up-sell customers. Turn your liability into an asset with on-hold messaging.


ADB Advertising knows how to use words, music and pictures to create television that reaches your audience with a message that motivates.

Radio Campaigns

ADB Advertising brings over 15 years of production experience to the crafting of successful radio campaigns that will attract notice, entice your customers, and bring business to your door.

Welcome to ADB Advertising

How can we help?

You're probably here because you have a need; you're looking for a way to grab potential customers' attention and show them that they should be doing business with you. At ADB Advertising, that's exactly what we help you do.

We use many tools to reach those goals; radio, YouTube and other video for the web, copywriting, phone messaging, and sales presentations, just to name a few. It all comes down to one thing for us. We want to connect you with your customers.

To put it even more simply, we help you sell your stuff. Contact us to learn more.


Why use an advertising agency?

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