BETTER SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGES: Stop taking your pictures at face value…

Today, small business marketing consumes a steady diet of images. We need images for Facebook, Twitter, signs, television and video, printed brochures and other handouts, web pages, blogs, and more.  Ours has become a very visual world.

Fortunately, the small business owner who has a smartphone carries most of the necessary image creation tools right in her pocket.

This makes the smartphone a vital tool for the entrepreneur. Not only do these devices come equipped with decent still and video cameras, they also come with simple, but effective, photo processing tools. With a little work, you can turn a simple snapshot into an arresting image worthy to be in your marketing arsenal.

Here is a sample.  This is a picture of the famous Lift Bridge in Duluth, Minnesota.


Before and After pictures of Lift Bridge

I took the photograph on the left  at night, through a window, with the camera on my iPhone 6.  These are NOT ideal conditions.  The image on the right is the same photograph.

The image on the right looks much better. This is because I played with the photo editing options that came with the phone.  First, I experimented  with the contrast settings. This helped cut the glare on the window.  Next, I adjusted the color (saturation) settings. And that helped bring out the blue spotlights around the bridge.   I was able to go from the original photo to the edited version in about three minutes.

Is it a work of art? Of course not, but it’s still a strong tool which I can now use to illustrate a blog post, or liven up a Facebook entry.

Business owners should still invest in professional photographers once every year or two to help showcase their products or jobs, but, given the fact that modern marketing consumes images at a fantastic rate, you can supplement those precious (and expensive) professional images with a steady diet of your own.

You’ll stay fresh, save money, and even have fun.

Alex D. Ball CEO of ADB Advertising, LLC

Alex D. Ball is the Creative Director at ADB Advertising.