Using Twitter? Try using images.

Using Twitter use imagesADB Advertising handles a lot of social media for our clients.  I have to admit, however, that I have often (and still do) question the value of twitter.   (It’s a debate we have around the shop… others here are big fans.)   Today, however, I received an email from Twitter with some tips for using images to enliven tweets.  It looks like fun, and could be a relatively efficent way to get your brand out there.

The entire article is here:  4 do’s & don’t’s of Twitter images

It’s not a long read, and has some great examples.  My favorite take home?

“Don’t use boring Stock images.  Create create original images for your Tweets. Not only are these images unique creations but they are fun, colorful and shareable. Best of all, you can incorporate your company culture into the Tweets by utilizing pictures of your employees.”

Especially that part about highlighting your staff.   If you’re a small business, there are a lot of other companies that do what you do… but NOBODY ELSE has your people.  They are your biggest selling point.



Alex D. Ball CEO of ADB Advertising, LLC Alex D. Ball is the Creative Director at ADB Advertising.