Does writing take you too long? Here are some great tips.

Tip 8: Avoid Rabbit Holes

As a small business owner, I’m always looking for tips, tricks and hacks to get my work done faster.  Because I’m in marketing, I often look to other marketers for great ideas. Blogs, Facebook Posts, even reports on ROI are all important jobs at our office- and we’re always looking for ways to be more productive. This week, the folks at Hubspot linked to some really useful hints for speeding up the writing process from Henneke at Enchanted Marketing, and I think they’re great!

If you’re looking for a way to increase your written output (or, as they say in the biz these days “content”), I suggest you take a look at the clever infographic in this blog, It’s fast and fun…

How to Write Faster: 12 Unusual Productivity Hacks

As for me, I think that, if I had to choose ONE take home point, I’d have to say that Number 8: Avoid Rabbit Holes was the most useful.  I often find that I spend a LOT more time than I’ve budgeted looking to confirm some fact or piece of research that I read somewhere, but feel I need to source.   Interrupting the writing process can take me a lot of time, and really mess up my flow.  The “TK” (for To Come) is one I think I’ll use a lot.

Hope you found this useful.

Alex D. Ball

Alex D. Ball is the creative director at ADB Advertising, LLC in Rochester MN. ADB Advertising works with small business owners to create and manage their advertising in order to increase the bottom line.