VERTICAL VIDEO: There is no stopping it.

Okay, I will admit it.  I’ve always snorkeled quietly in smug satisfaction when somebody sends me a video recorded vertically.  When I’ve gotten over being smug, I calmly remind them that movies are shot in a horizontal format, not vertical. I then remind them that, if they take just two seconds to remember to turn their phone/camera on it’s side, they’ll get a much better looking movie.

A horizontal, widescreen shot

By contrast, the vertical version of the same shot is just not as dramatic.

Cowboy Vertical Shot

But this article makes a great, in fact, compelling case that proves to me I’m Wrong.

Using Twitter? Try using images.

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BETTER SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGES: Stop taking your pictures at face value…

Today, small business marketing consumes a steady diet of images. We need images for Facebook, Twitter, signs, television and video, printed brochures and other handouts, web pages, blogs, and more.  Ours has become a very visual world. Fortunately, the small business owner who has a smartphone carries most of the necessary image creation tools right in her pocket. This makes the […]

IS THERE A WAY TO MAKE MY ADS STAND OUT? Yes, use original music.

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