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Not for Children: Advertising in the service of good

This is pretty powerful stuff, right here. What does life look like to a child in a world almost devoid of hope?   What does a world where mommies date addicts, where siblings go to jail, and where food is a rarity, do to a child?  Is there any hope that these young people will be […]

VETERANS’ DAY: Valiant Seed Serves Those Who Served

On Veterans’ Day we honor those who have served our country in war and in peace time, in all of our Armed Forces, since the American Revolution. As we pause at ADB Advertising to reflect on what it means to be Americans and the sacrifices of the many people who served as this country was […]

PLASTIC IS FOREVER: Edible Six-Pack Rings

Okay.  I’ll admit it.  While I love being a part of the advertising business, and I really enjoy helping small businesses find new customers, there are times when what I do for a living gives me pause. While I’m not as big a part of the problem as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, or Budweiser,  I still play an active […]

INCLUSION IN ADVERTISING: Tommy Hilfiger & Runway of Dreams

I must confess, when I first saw this ad from Tommy Hlfiger, my first thought was that he was using children with disabilities to make a fashion statement; then I read the article. As it turns out, Tommy Hilfiger isn’t just using disabled children in his ads. Hilfiger is collaborating with Runway of Dreams, which […]

THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE: Pouring Cold Water on a Marketing Phenomenon

The ALSA’s “Ice Bucket Challenge” has been a brilliant piece of marketing. It has also been much more. As a young producer at Shadow Productions in Vermont,  I worked with a young intern, Jackie Heltz, to create a piece based on audio interviews with people affected by the disease. I found the stories quite moving, […]