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Does writing take you too long? Here are some great tips.

As a small business owner, I’m always looking for tips, tricks and hacks to get my work done faster.  Because I’m in marketing, I often look to other marketers for great ideas. Blogs, Facebook Posts, even reports on ROI are all important jobs at our office- and we’re always looking for ways to be more […]

Market research for businesses who can’t afford market research

We’ve been conducting market research for some of our clients this week.  While large businesses can tap into many (but expensive) sources of data, small businesses can face much more of an uphill fight when it comes to getting information about customers and competition. However,  here’s a link to a post on the US Small […]

POWERPOINT 101: Ten Tips for Creating and Delivering Effective Presentations

Before I joined the ADB Advertising team, my job was essentially to create and deliver PowerPoint presentations to C-suite execs across the country. After a decade or so of doing this, I became pretty good at it . . . however, I learned a few lessons the hard way. The first time I noticed someone […]

BUSINESS WEBSITES: Should I Have More Than One?

The short answer is: No.  It messes up your Google rankings and confuses your customers. Recently,  a vendor approached one of our clients.  He mentioned that their website (currently provided by a national telecommunications company as part of a package) was not pulling the the client to the front page of Google. We responded by saying […]

WHO KNEW? Small Business is BIG in Minnesota

    Having lived in some of the larger cities in Minnesota, such as Minneapolis, St. Paul and Rochester, when I think about businesses, I think big!   I think of huge, national and international companies that attract and employ people from all over the globe, companies like UnitedHealthcare, Target, Best Buy, Mayo Clinic, IBM, and […]

Tips to Find Out Who is Visiting Your Website

Have you ever wondered if anyone has viewed your website? Or how to find out? If people are visiting … who are they? Knowing these stats can help you to identify who your potential customers are. According to WikiHow, platforms like WordPress allow you to access your “stats” from your dashboard.  For those of you with Facebook Pages […]

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: 5 Ways to Involve Employees in Company Marketing

Alex and I were having breakfast this morning when we heard the restaurant staff talking about some marketing ideas. The café owner was suggesting a company calendar that would include pictures of all the staff. While the owner was very excited, it was clear her employees were, shall we say, less than enthusiastic … Why […]

TAKEN HOSTAGE: Tips to Protect Your Small Business From Cybercrime

It’s called Ransomware and it’s incredibly scary. The Washington Post, among other news outlets, reported that a Los Angeles hospital paid $17,000 in ransom to hackers to get its data back! The ransom was paid in bitcoin, which is digital currency. And this kind of crime is more common than you realize.  Small businesses are […]

OUTSOURCE TO SAVE MONEY: Hiring an Expert is Worth it in the End

Small business owners typically are trained to do what they love to do: sewing, computer repair, housecleaning, the law, accountancy- you name it. Less common is a small business owner trained in running a business. This means they often operate on the same principles they use at home: “I’ll do it myself and save money.” […]

VISUAL IDENTITY: How Can I Pay You if I Can’t Find You?

I was out on an errand this morning, going to drop off a check at a local business. I knew the address and had looked at the general area on a map; there are 3 shopping/retail areas in a short stretch of the same road and I was certain the business was in one of […]