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Market research for businesses who can’t afford market research

We’ve been conducting market research for some of our clients this week.  While large businesses can tap into many (but expensive) sources of data, small businesses can face much more of an uphill fight when it comes to getting information about customers and competition. However,  here’s a link to a post on the US Small […]

Emotion helps sell: but it MUST match the product

McDonald’s has gotten in trouble in the UK over a television ad. According to Adweek’s story: “The McDonald’s spot, by Leo Burnett London, centers on a young man who lost his father a long time before and appears to have no memories of him. As he discusses his late dad on a walk into town […]

Using Twitter? Try using images.

ADB Advertising handles a lot of social media for our clients.  I have to admit, however, that I have often (and still do) question the value of twitter.   (It’s a debate we have around the shop… others here are big fans.)   Today, however, I received an email from Twitter with some tips for […]

BETTER SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGES: Stop taking your pictures at face value…

Today, small business marketing consumes a steady diet of images. We need images for Facebook, Twitter, signs, television and video, printed brochures and other handouts, web pages, blogs, and more.  Ours has become a very visual world. Fortunately, the small business owner who has a smartphone carries most of the necessary image creation tools right in her pocket. This makes the […]

IS THERE A WAY TO MAKE MY ADS STAND OUT? Yes, use original music.

Business owners can become easily overwhelmed by all the new choices in marketing. Luckily, some of the old, tried and true methods still work wonders for smaller, local businesses. This month, our guest blogger is Matt Dugan of Shadow Productions, in Burlington Vermont. While Matt’s company deals with some of the most cutting edge research […]

BUSINESS WEBSITES: Should I Have More Than One?

The short answer is: No.  It messes up your Google rankings and confuses your customers. Recently,  a vendor approached one of our clients.  He mentioned that their website (currently provided by a national telecommunications company as part of a package) was not pulling the the client to the front page of Google. We responded by saying […]

TRIBUTE ADS: Honoring a Life or Shameless Self-promotion?

I went out to lunch with a friend that day, and I had just spent the better part of an hour bending her ear about a number of stressful circumstances in my life, most of which were completely beyond my control. As we got up to leave, I told her, “I just can’t take one. […]

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: 5 Ways to Involve Employees in Company Marketing

Alex and I were having breakfast this morning when we heard the restaurant staff talking about some marketing ideas. The café owner was suggesting a company calendar that would include pictures of all the staff. While the owner was very excited, it was clear her employees were, shall we say, less than enthusiastic … Why […]

VISUAL IDENTITY: How Can I Pay You if I Can’t Find You?

I was out on an errand this morning, going to drop off a check at a local business. I knew the address and had looked at the general area on a map; there are 3 shopping/retail areas in a short stretch of the same road and I was certain the business was in one of […]

VISUAL IDENTITY: Do You “DO” Branding?

Hi- my name is Alex and I work at ADB Advertising in Rochester,  Minnesota. I’ve spent most of my career working with small and very small businesses. Sometimes it seems like a lot of the advertising advice out there is geared for companies much bigger than those of my clients. Because of that, here on […]